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Thomas Poppelgaard

I am so humble and proud to be a CTP and this is one of my dreams to come and meet the developers of XenServer MCS XenDesktop HDX vGPU

by Thomas Poppelgaard

Феодота Шурпинa

регистрацию на 100,5. Согласно исследованию Citrix XenServer Web AV-Desk 6. Корпорация Symantec уже можно

by Феодота Шурпинa

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When Virtualised Storage is Faster than Bare Metal
An analysis of block size, inflight requests and outstanding data INTRODUCTION Back in August 2014 I went to the Xen Project Developer Summit in Chicago (IL) and presented a graph that caused a few ...
New ticket statuses on
I just wanted to mention that we've created a couple of new ticket statuses on, which should make it clearer where a ticket has got to in its lifecycle. Acknowledged Issue wil...
Configuring XenApp to use two NVIDIA GRID engines
SUMMARY The configuration of a XenApp virtual machine (VM) hosted on XenServer that supports two concurrent graphics processing engines in passthrough mode is shown to work reliably and provide the o...
Security bulletin covering VENOM
Last week a vulnerability in QEUM was reported with the marketing name of "VENOM", but which is more correctly known as CVE-2015-3456.  Citrix have released a security bulletin covering CVE-...

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