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RT @juancitrix: We are committed to make XenServer the best performing and cost effective platform for XenApp/XenDesktop workloads. https:/…

by Girish Hoogar


@hanno not uncommon. until 2 weeks ago, xenserver 6.2, deb testing, 3.2 from wheezy sec, pinned grub 1.99 (broken pygrub&missing xz support)

by 0x64616E69656C

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Debugging Neutron Networking in XenServer
One of the tasks I was assigned was to fix the code preventing XenServer with Neutron from working properly. This configuration used to work well, but the support was broken when more and more changes...
A New Year, A New Way to Build for XenServer
Building bits of XenServer outside of Citrix has in the past been a bit of a challenging task, requiring careful construction of the build environment to replicate what 'XenBuilder', our internal buil...
2015 刚刚结束, 2016新年开始,正是我们向XenServer社区发节日礼物的好时节。我们发布了下一代XenServer产品Dundee预览版2。我们花了大量精力解决已上报的各种问题,也导致该测试版本和九月份的预览版1相比有些延迟。我们确信该预览版和Steve Wilson博客 (
Integrating XenServer, RDO and Neutron
XenServer is a great choice of hypervisor for OpenStack based clouds, but there is no native integration between it and RedHat's RDO packages. This means that setting up an integrated environment us...

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