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David Cottingham

RT @CoppinEtienne: Latest Xenapp 7.18 on latest Xenserver on our HP Moonshot M710x gives HDX score 10/10 and a great user experience :) htt…

by David Cottingham

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Andy Melmed
23 May 2018
Hello everyone, This week Citrix released the latest version of XenServer: 7.5 CR. For those unfamiliar with the LTSR and CR release models offered by Citrix, please refer to the recent article&n...
Andy Melmed
01 March 2018
Hello XenServer community, It is our pleasure to announce the release of 7.4, the latest update in the CR release track. XenServer 7.4 offers customers following the CR release track access to the lat...
Andy Melmed
13 December 2017
We're pleased to announce the availability of XenServer 7.3, the latest Current Release (CR)! CRs Versus LTSRs XenServer 7.3 offers customers following the CR release track access to the latest p...
David Cottingham
12 December 2017
Today we're pleased to announce the release of XenServer 7.3, which includes a raft of new features and improvements. Whilst you can read all about exactly what's in that release over on the release a...

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