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XenServer Status – November 2013

The progress towards fulfilling the goal of making XenServer a proper open source project continues, but this month much of the work isn’t visible yet.  The big process improvements will hopefully be unveiled in late December or early January when we get our long needed wiki and defect trackers online.  The logical question of course is why it’s taking so long to get them out there.  After all we obviously do have the content, so why not just make it all public and be done?  Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to remove customer sensitive information, ensure that designs linked to closed source development on other Citrix products, or information provided to Citrix by partners under NDA isn’t accidentally made public.  Its painstaking work and we want to get it right.

In terms of partner announcements, we’ve been focusing on the NVIDIA vGPU work, as well as security efforts.

-          “Kaspersky trusted status” awarded to XenServer Windows Tools:

-          SAP 3D Enterprise on XenDesktop on XenServer powered by NVIDIA GRID:

-          The XenServer HCL has been expanded to include new servers from HP, Hitachi, Supermicro, Huawei, Lenovo and Fujitsu, storage devices from QNAP, Nexsan and Hitachi Data Systems, storage adapters from IBM and QLogic plus two CNAs from Emulex.

When I posted the project status last month, we had some significant gains, and this month is no different.  Compared to October:

-          Unique visitors were up 30% to 34,000

- page views were up 21% to over 110,000

-          Downloads of the XenServer installer were up by 7,000

-          We had over 110 commits to the XenServer repositories.

What’s most interesting about these stats isn’t the growth, which I do love, but that we’re getting to a point where the activity level is starting to feel right for a project of our maturity.  Don’t get me wrong, I still am looking for lots more growth, but I’m also looking for sustained activity.  That’s why I’m looking more at how XenServer interacts with its community, and what can be done to improve the relationship.  In my Open@Citrix blog, I asked the question “What kind of community do you want?”.  In my mind, everyone has a voice; it’s just up to you to engage with us.  I’d like to hear what you want from us, and that’s both the good and the bad.  If you have a community you’d like us to be involved with, I’d also like to hear about that too. 

Here is how I define the XenServer community:

The XenServer community is an independent group working to common purpose with a goal of leveraging each other to maximize the success of the community.  Members are proud to be associated with the community.


We all have a role to play in the future success of XenServer, and while I have the twitter handle of @XenServerArmy, I view my role as supporting you.  If there is something which is preventing you from adopting XenServer, or being as successful with XenServer as you intended, I want to know.  I want to remove as many barriers to adopting XenServer as I can, and I am your voice within the XenServer team at Citrix.  Please be vocal in your support, and vocal with what you need.

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srinivas j on Sunday, 05 January 2014 03:31

XenServer status? Please post or update the status of XenServer roadmap

XenServer status? Please post or update the status of XenServer roadmap
srinivas j on Sunday, 05 January 2014 03:32

currently hold XenServer licenses for 10+ hosts and are eagerly waiting for any updates to XenServer roadmap..

currently hold XenServer licenses for 10+ hosts and are eagerly waiting for any updates to XenServer roadmap..

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