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Public availability of XenServer SDK development snapshots

Those of you developing against XenServer and wishing to test early and often while the product evolves will be pleased to hear that nightly snapshots of the XenServer Software Development Kit created from the trunk and Creedence branches are now available for download on our development snapshots page and our Creedence Alpha release page respectively.

There are five SDKs, one for each of the C, C#, Java, PowerShell and Python programming languages, all available as a single zip file download. They are generally backwards compatible with older XenServer versions, but it is always preferable to use them against the most recent version. For usage information and further details on developing products for XenServer please visit our XenServer SDK Overview page.

What's new in the SDK with the Creedence Alpha release

Since the latest release of the SDK for XenServer 6.2.0 Service Pack 1 with Hotfix XS62ESP1004 we have fixed several bugs and implemented a number of improvements, the most important of which are the following:

PowerShell SDK

  • Previously released as a PowerShell v2.0 Snap-In, the XenServer PowerShell SDK is now shipped as a more versatile PowerShell v2.0 Module.
  • XenServer's per host HTTP interface has now been exposed in the PowerShell SDK, enabling users to perform operations such as VM importing and exporting, patch upload, retrieval of performance statistics and VNC consoles etc.


  • XML documentation has been added to the class methods and public properties.


  • Support has been provided for building on Windows machines with cygwin.

Other changes

  • The XenAPI reference is now shipped within the file in both pdf and html format.
Validation of the Creedence Alpha
XenCenter Usability Enhancements


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