Rackspace Ramps Up Open Compute Iron

September 19th, 2014 - Enterprise Tech

Speaking to EnterpriseTech at the Rackspace::Solve conference in New York this week, COO Mark Roenigk gave an update on where the company is at in terms of adopting OCP iron in its datacenters. Rackspace is using an OCP server design as the basis of its OnMetal "bare metal" cloud service. As the name suggests, the OnMetal service uses the same cloud provisioning tools to control physical servers and the deployment of their Linux or Windows operating systems that are used to deploy virtual machines and operating systems atop the XenServer hypervisor that Rackspace uses in its public cloud. This is a kind of best-of-all-worlds approach, in that you get the entire machine like a hosting customer but minutely pricing and fast configuration and scaling like cloud customers.

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About XenServer

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