Source Licenses

This is an autogenerated list of XenServer components, their license, and their orgin.

Source License Component Origin
AFL/GPL dbus-glib CentOS
AFL/GPL hal CentOS
Artistic cracklib CentOS
Artistic cracklib-dicts CentOS
Artistic/GPL perl CentOS
ASL 2.0 openvswitch Nicira Networks, Inc.
BSD bzip2 CentOS
BSD bzip2-libs CentOS
BSD expat CentOS
BSD fipscheck CentOS
BSD fipscheck-lib CentOS
BSD/GPL dual license freetype CentOS
BSD/GPL psmisc CentOS
BSD/GPLv2+ libev Other upstream
BSD hdparm Citrix Systems, Inc.
BSD iputils CentOS
BSDish m2crypto CentOS
BSDish net-snmp Citrix Systems, Inc.
BSDish net-snmp-libs Citrix Systems, Inc.
BSDish openssl CentOS
BSDish openssl-perl CentOS
BSD/LGPLv2.1 likewise-open-libs Other upstream
BSD libevent CentOS
BSD-like/LGPL libcap CentOS
BSD mktemp CentOS
BSD openssh CentOS
BSD openssh-clients CentOS
BSD openssh-server CentOS
BSD passwd CentOS
BSD pax CentOS
BSD pcre CentOS
BSD portmap CentOS
BSD shadow-utils CentOS
BSD strace CentOS
BSD sudo CentOS
BSD tcl CentOS
BSD tcpdump CentOS
BSD telnet CentOS
BSD unzip CentOS
BSD Zlib CentOS
Distributable cyrus-sasl-lib Citrix Systems, Inc.
Distributable dhclient CentOS
Distributable dhcp CentOS
Distributable file CentOS
Distributable libjpeg CentOS
Distributable ncurses CentOS
Distributable ntp CentOS
Distributable tcp_wrappers CentOS
Distributable util-linux CentOS
Distributable vixie-cron CentOS
Distributable zip CentOS
Freeware vim-minimal CentOS
GPL arptables Dries RPM Repository
GPL at CentOS
GPL bc CentOS
GPL binutils CentOS
GPL bridge-utils CentOS
GPL/BSD pam Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL centos-release CentOS
GPL centos-release-notes CentOS
GPL chkconfig CentOS
GPL compat-libstdc++-33 CentOS
GPL cpio CentOS
GPL cryptsetup-luks CentOS
GPL db4 CentOS
GPL device-mapper CentOS
GPL device-mapper-event CentOS
GPL device-mapper-multipath Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL diffutils CentOS
GPL dmraid CentOS
GPL dmraid-events CentOS
GPL e2fsprogs Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL e2fsprogs-libs Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL ed CentOS
GPL eject CentOS
GPL elasticsyslog Citrix Systems
GPL ethtool Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL fbi Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL findutils CentOS
GPL gawk CentOS
GPL gdbm CentOS
GPL gdisk Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL gnupg CentOS
GPL grep CentOS
GPL groff CentOS
GPL gzip CentOS
GPL info CentOS
GPL iproute Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL ipset Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL iptables Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL iptables-ipv6 Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL iscsi-initiator-utils CentOS
GPL kbd CentOS
GPL kexec-tools Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL kpartx Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL kudzu CentOS
GPL less CentOS
GPL/LGPL keyutils-libs CentOS
GPL/LGPL xe-guest-utilities Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL libgcc CentOS
GPL libgssapi CentOS
GPL libstdc++ CentOS
GPL libvolume_id CentOS
GPL linux-guest-loader Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL linux-guest-loader-data Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL logrotate CentOS
GPL lvm2 Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL man CentOS
GPL mcstrans CentOS
GPL md3000-rdac-tools Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL mdadm CentOS
GPL microcode_ctl CentOS
GPL mingetty CentOS
GPL mkinitrd Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL module-init-tools CentOS
GPL nano CentOS
GPL nash Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL net-tools CentOS
GPL nfs-utils CentOS
GPL nfs-utils-lib CentOS
GPL OpenIPMI-tools CentOS
GPL/OSL irqbalance Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL patch CentOS
GPL pm-utils CentOS
GPL procps CentOS
GPL python-sqlite CentOS
GPL readline CentOS
GPL sed CentOS
GPL setserial CentOS
GPL sharutils CentOS
GPL slang CentOS
GPL smartmontools Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL splashy Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL ssmtp Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL stunnel Other upstream
GPL sysklogd Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL syslinux Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL sysstat CentOS
GPL system-config-securitylevel-tui CentOS
GPL SysVinit CentOS
GPL tar CentOS
GPL time CentOS
GPL tzdata CentOS
GPL udev CentOS
GPL udhcp Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL upgrade-plugin Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL usermode CentOS
GPLv2+/AFL dbus Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+/AFL dbus-libs Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+ bash CentOS
GPLv2 biosdevname Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2/BSD blktap Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+/BSD sg3_utils CentOS
GPLv2+/BSD sg3_utils-libs CentOS
GPLv2+ coreutils CentOS
GPLv2+ dmidecode CentOS
GPLv2 e4fsprogs-libs CentOS
GPLv2+ ebtables Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2 firmware-intel-isci Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2/GPLv2+ initscripts CentOS
GPLv2 kernel-firmware Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2 kernel-kdump Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2 kernel-xen Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+/LGPLv2.1+ likewise-open-domainjoin Other upstream
GPLv2+/LGPLv2+ hwdata Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+/LGPLv2+ oprofile Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+/LGPLv2+ with linking exception rpm-libs CentOS
GPLv2+/LGPLv2+ xz-lzma-compat CentOS
GPLv2+ libsmbclient CentOS
GPLv2+ likewise-open-lwreg Other upstream
GPLv2+ likewise-open-lwsm Other upstream
GPLv2+ likewise-open-srvsvc Other upstream
GPLv2 memtest86+ Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+ open-iscsi Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+ pciutils Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+ popt CentOS
GPLv2+ rpm CentOS
GPLv2+ rpm-python CentOS
GPLv2+ sgpio CentOS
GPLv2 with linking exception elfutils-libelf CentOS
GPLv2 xsconsole Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPLv2+ yum CentOS
GPLv2+ yum-fastestmirror CentOS
GPLv2 yum-metadata-parser CentOS
GPLv3+/LGPLv3+ samba3x-client CentOS
GPLv3+/LGPLv3+ samba3x-common CentOS
GPLv3+/LGPLv3+ samba3x-winbind CentOS
GPLv3+ rsync CentOS
GPL vconfig CentOS
GPL vhostmd Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL vncsnapshot Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL vncterm Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL wget CentOS
GPL which CentOS
GPL xcp-python-libs Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL xdelta CentOS
GPL xen-device-model Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL xen-firmware Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL xen-hypervisor Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL xenserver-lsb Citrix Systems, Inc.
GPL xen-tools Citrix Systems, Inc. QConvergeConsoleCLI QLogic Corporation scli QLogic Corporation
LGPL audit-libs CentOS
LGPL/BSD likewise-open-rpc Other upstream
LGPL glib2 CentOS
LGPL glibc CentOS
LGPL glibc-common CentOS
LGPL libacl CentOS
LGPL libaio CentOS
LGPL libattr CentOS
LGPL libgpg-error CentOS
LGPL libidn CentOS
LGPL libnl CentOS
LGPL libsysfs Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL libtermcap CentOS
LGPL libusb CentOS
LGPL libuser CentOS
LGPL libutempter CentOS
LGPL newt CentOS
LGPL PyPAM Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL SDL Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL sm Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPLv2.1+/GPLv2+ likewise-open-eventlog Other upstream
LGPLv2/1+/GPLv2+ likewise-open-lsass Other upstream
LGPLv2.1+/GPLv2+ likewise-open-lwio Other upstream
LGPLv2.1+/GPLv2+ likewise-open-netlogon Other upstream
LGPLv2+ dhcpv6-client CentOS
LGPLv2+ directfb Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPLv2+ libgcrypt CentOS
LGPLv2+ libhugetlbfs CentOS
LGPLv2+ libsepol CentOS
LGPLv2+ python-urlgrabber CentOS
LGPLv2+ sysfsutils Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPLv2+ vcputune Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPLv2+ xz CentOS
LGPLv2+ xz-libs CentOS
LGPLv3+ libtalloc CentOS
LGPLv3+ libtdb CentOS
LGPL with linking exception filesystem_summarise Other upstream
LGPL with linking exception guest-templates Other upstream
LGPL with linking exception v6d Other upstream
LGPL with linking exception v6testd Other upstream
LGPL with linking exception wsproxy Other upstream
LGPL with linking exception xapi-core Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL with linking exception xapi-libs-fe Other upstream
LGPL with linking exception xapi-networkd Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL with linking exception xapi-noarch-backend-udev Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL with linking exception xapi-noarch-www Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL with linking exception xapi-squeezed Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL with linking exception xapi-tests Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL with linking exception xapi-xe Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL with linking exception xapi-xenops Citrix Systems, Inc.
LGPL with linking exception xapi-xenopsd Citrix Systems, Inc.
MIT curl CentOS
MIT hmaccalc CentOS
MIT krb5-libs CentOS
MIT libxml2 CentOS
MIT pexpect CentOS
MIT python-iniparse CentOS
MIT python-simplejson Citrix Systems, Inc.
MPLv1.1/GPLv2+/LGPLv2+ nspr CentOS
MPLv1.1/GPLv2+/LGPLv2+ nss CentOS
OpenLDAP openldap CentOS
Proprietary brocade-bfautil Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
Proprietary conversion-plugin Citrix Systems, Inc.
Proprietary elxocmcore Emulex Inc.
Proprietary elxocmlibhbaapi Emulex Inc.
Proprietary firmware-adaptec-aic94xx Citrix Systems, Inc.
Proprietary firmware-chelsio-cxgb3 Citrix Systems, Inc.
Proprietary firmware-chelsio-cxgb4 Citrix Systems, Inc.
Proprietary firmware-qlogic-netxen Citrix Systems, Inc.
Proprietary firmware-qlogic-qla2xxx Citrix Systems, Inc.
Proprietary iscli QLogic Corporation
Proprietary sm-closed Other upstream
Proprietary xenserver-transfer-vm Citrix Systems, Inc.
Proprietary xha Other upstream
PSF python CentOS
PSF python-elementtree CentOS
PSF python-libs CentOS
pubkey gpg-pubkey Other upstream
Public Domain basesystem CentOS
Public Domain crontabs CentOS
Public Domain expect CentOS
Public Domain filesystem CentOS
Public Domain libselinux CentOS
Public Domain libselinux-utils CentOS
Public Domain rootfiles CentOS
Public Domain setup CentOS
Public Domain sqlite CentOS
Public Domain termcap CentOS
Zlib libpng Citrix Systems, Inc.

About XenServer

XenServer is the leading open source virtualization platform, powered by the Xen hypervisor. It is used in the world's largest clouds and enterprises.
Commercial support for XenServer is available from Citrix.